Domain financing

At we understand that one does not always have the funds to pay the full amount for their dream domain. We also realize that one may want to limit his risks when launching a new venture.

This is why in our marketplace all the domain names can be purchased through a payment plan of maximum 10 years, 2 options:

  • Rental with exclusive buying option where the monthly rental is 1% of the sale price.

    Sale price : USD

  • Domain lease with a 6% APR where installments are based on the term length the buyer suggested.

    Sale price : USD

    Optional Money down : USD

    Difference between a rental with an exclusive option and lease:
    With a rental deal, installments are low but the buying cost will be higher. It's only the best solution if you do not plan to buy, or want to minize installments or you should only generate money at end of the term.

    Transaction are always secured by an escrow service the buyer select, the buyer is responsable to pay all escrow fees.
    This is how it works:
    - The domain is hold in escrow, the name servers are updated in order the buyer has immediate use of the domain. The buyer will then start making installments until the domain is paid in full.
    - There is no buying obligation, the buyer can cancel the purchase at anytime. Any money already paid will be considered rent and is non-refundable.
    - The buyer may also accelerate the purchase with no penalties to save interest money.
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