yuff.com $900/month

  • Start leasing yuff.com immediately with no deposit.
  • Just don't use the domain for an illicit service or infridge a trademark.
  • The lease fee can be paid quarterly, semestrial or annually. Less hassles, less risk to miss a payment.
  • No term, to pursue your perpetual lease just renew it each year for the last price increased by 5%.
  • Stop at anytime for any reason, but you will not be reimbursed for the period you cancel.
  • yuff.com will be held at escrow.com, so the owner can't back out or change the terms.
  • No extra cost, we'll pay escrow.com fees.
  • You could sell your business, the lease is transferable.

  • Apply now and get 50% off the first quarter:

    Discount extended the full first year if you are a startup!

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